Type Of Planting Containers

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Plants with succulents, veggies and flowers can be planned in various containers to help them grow. Having nice pots and boxes for your garden will make it look very neat and organised even for a garden. There are a few types of containers for planting and here are a few listed out for you to decide upon for your own garden which can be used near the good water fountains or little ponds. 

Raised container garden

Wooden containers provide a great way to ensure that water is retained and they are water resistant as well. The soil that you put into is will be wet and the container needs to be strong enough to keep the plant in place. The containers will also give a rustic look which will be eye pleasing as well. Ensure that the plastic liners you use have a few holes being punctured.

Concrete container garden

There is an appearance of establishment that brings concrete container garden with the traditional patterns and the angular lines. The soil that you use will be insulated well, which will help give a moderate temperature for the soil, prevent loss of moisture. You will have to plant the container before you plant.


Terracotta pots Melbourne come in many styles, sizes and shapes. If you use unglazed pots, which has pores and it will dry quickly. These pots will work great in when you need to grow herbs from Mediterranean. The glazed pots will be perfect for the sunny areas. When the pots are exposed to cold weather, they will start chipping and flaking.


Make your own hypertufa container, which will help create a stone container. This container is lighter than concrete and will be ideal to plant using a blend of perlite, moss and some quick setting concrete. This type of hypertufa pot is much more porous the stone which is perfect for succulent and alpine plants which needs a good amount of drainage.

Self-watering plastic pots

These types of containers will be perfect t ensure that the inbuilt water reservoir will ensure that you do not need to water the plant all the time. Make sure that you get the hanging baskets, which will help support, the water weight that will be retained. During rainy weather ensure that you open the holes for drainage to avoid the soil getting too damp. Just make sure that the plants that you have ready to be planted look good for each container. So get your dirty with the soil and get planting and make your garden look pretty with the pots of your choice.