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Kitchen is the cost spot of your home where everyone loves to go. A place where you sit and sip, cook and gossip, dance and relax. A place that is all about hygiene and where you always rush to get your hands-on good food. With all these benefits if your kitchen is such a mess would you love to go there? No, right. Thus, you must keep in mind the constant renovation your kitchen might need. There are thousands of kitchen renovation ideas to implement.

Kitchen benchtops are the spots that demand constant cleaning and central attention. This must look good with added benefits and qualities. To solve the problem Regal Stone Manson is at your service. With the years of experience and known to be as the prime team. We take the responsibility to be called the best. Offering you a whole range granite kitchen benchtops in melbourne.


We are the top team to be featured in your kitchen. With all the right skill set of benchtops installation, we undertake the projects. Using the advanced techniques and technologies the squad made unique and different kind of stone material. The ancient kind of material is still our choice because of its uniqueness and durability. These stones add glam into your kitchen.

Pick Up Right Stone for Kitchen

With the multiple available options for selection, we are here to tell you specialities. This will help in the selection of the right choice.

There are three options available as in quartz, marble and granite benchtops. Starting from the granite benchtop. Let us talk about its special features. What gives this granite the privilege to be featured in kitchen?

Granite Benchtops

Granite is known as natural stone with a very high level of gloss than marble and quartz stone. It’s not engineered instead it’s naturally available. Due to its natural availability, it comes in different shapes, textures, colours and sizes. Its level of density is high as compared to marble stone. Multiple types of granites offer a much higher level of stain resistance. To maintain the granite pristine conditions, these benchtops demands to be released regularly due to its porous surface.

You can pick up the right kind and what will suit you. Now you will not be stumbling upon the options as our team is here to assist you. We will tell you all the specialities of the stone. You can look into it and then pick the one according to your need. The detailed analysis will give you the choice of picking what will look best and durable in your kitchen. We help you to make the right kind of investment. Invest wisely.