The Garage Doors Reverse Mechanism Feature

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Garage doors must be well-taken care of in order to prevent it from being damaged, thus giving optimum protection for your vehicles.Garages safe keep vehicles in order to protect them from harsh weather conditions or even burglary, and also for maintaining the fluids and engine intact. It is the better way of storing your precious drives than just mere parking it outside the house. And usually, garages are often categorized by the kind of opening used. Most garage are in automatic, meaning they can be opened remotely. Even then, automatic garage doors are more convenient to use, and in fact, safer, because of this nifty little feature called auto-reverse. Here’s what you should know about this important safety mechanism.

Auto-reverse function

The reverse mechanism found on most garage is invented in order to prevent or reduce the possibility of injury to people or damage to any items that may be along the path of an opening automatic partition. What it basically does is to reverse the movement of the door if a potential obstacle is detected. If you close your door remotely, it will do so but also look for anything that may be on its way. If something is intruding the path of the door, it will then revert to open.

How it works

In order to lower the number of injuries that are related to garage, the auto-reverse mechanism was incorporated for automatic garage doors. In addition, property damages are also prevented by this safety measure. A reversing system is included with a photo sensor to detect any obstacle within the path of the opening. If it does detect anything on its way, then it stops and then reverses its movement automatically.

Advantages of the reverse mechanism

Its first and primary purpose is to, of course, prevent personal injuries or damage to properties when shutting down your automatic garage door. Since it senses anything along its path, it won’t continue to close down if you did not see that a stray pet is unmindfully sitting in your garage. Even for children wandering around your garage, they’d be much safer with this feature on. In addition, if you’re not much familiar about its automatic functionalities, or you might need repair on it or a garage door remote replacement that comes along with the reverse mechanism, there are skilled technicians who can help you out with that.

Testing the feature

Before you place your confidence on this safety feature of your automatic garage door, you must have to test it out every now and then in order to be certain that it does work. In order to do this, you must place a piece of solid object, say a brick, on the path of the door. Remotely close the garage, or using the wall switch, then observe if the garage partition reverses its movement and reopens instead. If it does, then it functions well. If not, then you might have some issues underlying this problem. Whether merlin garage door motor repairs or a sensor issue fix that is needed, you should deal with it immediately.