Why Balustrade Of Stainless Steel Is Preferred?

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Balustrade is basically used for railing and decks. It is not that balustrade is only made of steel. Rather it was traditionally made of wood. But with time as we are advancing, there is need of something more durable and strong. That is why stainless steel is being preferred.

Other materials, like glass and good aluminium material are being widely used too for balustrading. But still stainless steel balustrade is preferred by people over anything else. Everything in this world happens because of a reason and the popularity of this balustrade has quite a few reasons too.

Strong and durable:

Steel is always used because of its strength. It is famous all over the world. Stainless steel is a little different from normal steel. It is an alloy metal. The production process makes it resistant to stain. Another thing that makes it popular is the quality of being resistant to rust. Normal steel can be easily affected by rust. In humid weather, normal steel cannot be used with full freedom.

Rust will be there sooner or later. But in case of stainless steel, the strength and durability is there along with the added qualities. That is why stainless steel balustrades are being wide chosen.

No harm from weather:

In areas where humidity is high, using normal steel can be challenging. Soon rust will destroy the look of the product. In coastal areas this challenge is faced by most people. Glass balustrade is a good choice for privacy screens. They can look stylish and even ensure privacy when tinted a little. But in windy weather or areas these can be a problem. Particles can harm the glass and the posts and joints must be properly cared for to find if there is any problem. Basically, it can be easily harmed by weather. But balustrade made of steel is not that vulnerable to weather. Humidity has no effect nor does high wind. Rust will never appear on this balustrade.


Stainless steel needs minimal of maintenance. As this does not get dirty easily, washing once in three to six months is enough. There is no need of special precaution. While glass balustrade demands much attention, stainless steel is content with little help. So, it won’t take much time of your schedule.


Would you like a hindered view? Possibly not. Stainless steel wires are thin enough not to hinder your view. So, people with a breathtaking view in front of them can easily use stainless steel in the balcony to enjoy the view.